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July 25, 2016



No need to post this comment, but I wanted to assure you that your daughter will come around and/or you'll find other special moments to have together. My dad and I were not super close when I was growing up, but over the past few years, we've grown a lot closer. I took him on a road trip around Colorado and on his first snow-shoeing adventure. Just recently, we spent a few days hiking on the AT. It was an absolute blast...until we had to get rescued from the trail. But it was something we will never forget (and can laugh about now!). All that to say: your daughter may not display it, but she will always remember those moments you've shared (and there will many more to come as she matures!)


Fortunately, we don't need our children to be our ideal vacation mates; just that they be our children. She knows she is loved. That's all that you can ask for, and all that you need be held accountable for. Well done.

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