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August 26, 2015



I really enjoyed the article. It is a realistic dream. I suppose we all have some type of dream similar to that, but you are going to make your dream happen. That gives me inspiration to see that my dreams are fulfilled. Thank you for an inspiring blog post.


"A ship sails away from the harbor, the water red in the evening sun. For me, it was unaccountably strange — watching the sun go down on Lake Michigan. This was my personal Atlantic, and it had always been a place of sunrises and dawns — never sunsets. It was as if I had finally reached Saint-Exupéry’s France, land of the setting sun, birthplace of the world.

We stopped at Traverse City the next afternoon, cherry capital of the world. The road was lined with orchards, the branches so heavy with ripe fruit they bent to the ground. The pavement skirted Grand Traverse Bay, coves and islands appearing and disappearing between houses and trees.

This has to be among the most beautiful drives in the country, each turn affording a new view of the lake, which stands for all those lakes prized by Midwesterners but unknown to so many others who rush off to foreign oceans that pale in comparison to our strange inland seas.

An hour or so up the road, we rolled into the outskirts of Petoskey, Hemingway Country. The writer loved resorts. If he wrote about a place, you know it was one of the “in” places of the moment. In the 1920s, it was Paris. In the 1930s, it was Key West. In his early years, it was this lakefront vacation town. His family had a house nearby, in Horton Bay. Hemlock forests and streams, lumber mills, swamps — boyhood adventure condensed to a perfume."



You will find your beach home, and "that girl". Promise.

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