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April 25, 2012


Rachel Carlson

‎Eric, such a delightful piece of writing (as always) albeit somewhat somber (not in a bad way) you managed to wrap it up quite beautifully. I just did a 15 hour super-spontaneous day trip to the Oregon cast for some respite about two weeks ago. Alone. It was genius. I met so many people along the way and now I have a pen pal who lives in Sweden (potential for travel abroad). That said, if you decide on the PAC-NW for some beach time on the Oregon coast give me a ring. Sans romance of course, I'm that person....and I quote: "nearby thinking, “This was a great idea.” Cheers to a great summer ahead. Hugs!!

Angela Martinez

Eric, I can relate to how you're feeling. I too want to escape to a beach. I want to hear the ocean move and smell the damp sand. I want to get lost for hours in a good book while sipping pina coladas and dress in long soft maxi dresses during the evening. I want to run around without makeup or any care for how curly or kinky my hair gets. I want all of my freckles to show on my nose. I am terrified of a romance at the moment but am totally needing some adventure in my life. Let's make this happen.


The next time somebody asks me why I'm planning for my final tattoo to simply read "Wanderlust," I'll refer them to this. :) I cannot wait to get my TEFL certification so I can be jet-set again soon. Sheesh.

Cynthia Morris

I love how you describe this desire to travel with someone else. I've traveled quite a lot, alone, in the last 4 years. I love it - and I want that shared experience too.

I'm publishing my novel in 5 weeks, and I notice that as the tension of launch builds, so do my escape fantasies. I'm dreaming of that beach and that water and that quiet space so I can clear my head and be ready for June.

I've always wanted to escape December and go to a tropical paradise instead of Christmas. Maybe by this December your band of merry travelers will be formed and I can join...in Bali or somewhere luscious like that!

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