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September 27, 2011



How awesome are you? Holy gosh. I'm pretty impressed with your daughter's memory as well! Sounds like she's pretty inspired. That means you've done your job. :)


Eric- I love that you actually made the stew. I want you to share your recipe- I'll post it on my blog! You are doing an excellent job as a father. Parenthood has a way of preparing you to be a better human in general, but only if you listen and try- and you do.


Simone is a lucky girl. You are a very lucky Dad. The woman who ends up with the two of you wins the jackpot. Thanks for such a beautiful love story this month. I can't wait to someday read that you are being loved as well as you love that girl.


Eric, the listening and paying attention are really special qualities. It's so important for kids to feel "heard' in multiple ways. You're clearly a natural at child-rearing. And if a woman doesn't want to date you because you have a daughter, she's an idiot. Well, I shouldn't say it that way. She has other priorities and it's great if she's able to be clear about what she doesn't want. I personally would be happy to date a guy with a daughter as I always wanted a daughter and don't have one.


You keep Simone where she is strong. And that is by continuing to cultivate her imagination. If it were ballet, if it were sports, if it were painting. You are an inspiration for letting her be her. Which is nice it's like you- intelligent, whimsical, goofy and refined. Not a bad combo.

Sometimes people's blessings can be a curse. Not for you, Eric. The right lady will figure that out.

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