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May 15, 2011



I'm certain that you're raising a geek grrl goddess, whose Tribe may yet make her their Queen. Next stop, Buffy. When she's ready, of course...


Oh Eric- I so know what you are talking about. Lulu is not yet 3 but is such a geek about some things- say, for example, cheese. The kid knows Manchengo from Pecorino, she knows mozzarella and blue de basque. It makes me happy, of course, but in some ways I do wonder if we are at times overdoing the 'shaping' of our kid. But it's what we do as parents and I think you are on the right track. I can't wait to share Paris and concerts and random tastings of ...who knows...maybe salt with my little one!


I love that you read Lord of the Rings together and the Hobbit. It was a favorite of mine growing up and something I will always treasure with my mom.

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