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March 10, 2011


Dani Locker

Sounds like you enjoyed my city of lights.
If you are indeed interested in looking into Jewish sleepaway camps for your daughter, you might want to take a look at www.nageelawest.org. It's definitely a Jewish feel, but a lot of the kids come from very limited backgrounds and have little or no knowledge of Hebrew, prayers or Jewish customs.
We are located in Utah, it's gorgeous up there, and our office is here in Vegas.
Feel free to hit me up with any questions.

Dad the Single Guy

Interesting-especially the last two points about dating and being self-jewish. These are two areas I struggle with and blog about a lot in my journey of being Dad the Single Guy. The subject actually just came up last night and I still don't have a good answer.

Dar c

I like Simone am a mix. Raised roman catholic my heritage includes orthodox Judaism, and from those who survived the titanic. Did you know the Elkins were there (in first class!) One of my ancestors was related by marriage to Jack Thayer. He doesn't die in the cold water loke the movies he jumps to safety atop a capsized lifeboat. The jewels stolen were family jewels all round. JP Morgan didn't get on this maiden voyage craft built by wolfs. They still Chase us. Since 1995 when new Zealand restored land to the Maori it's been intensified.I have used provocative methods to get to the truth of what is still a deep deep hatred of people who are different. It is a challenge to be a mix for sure. But I know. I have made it a better place in the future for all the Simones. Just not so good for me. Be good.

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