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January 07, 2011



OMG, Eric. I shouldn't have read this at work!


Wow, Eric! One of your very best!! Loved it!


Eric- the tone of this post haunted me since I read it last week. It is beautiful, warm, and sweet- not syrupy-sweet, but sweet enough to make it memorable. So- that to say that I loved it!


You had me at "I love to kiss!!" :)

Mary Bar

I've have never enjoyed reading anything as much as this article (and I read all the time).

It touched home for me because I've only ever kissed one man my entire life (and I'm 36 years old)and he is my dear husband who I met at 16 years old.

I'm so curious how each kiss differs and I feel I lived vicariously through you.

Thank You



This is the first time I've read your blog and I have to admit - I'm jealous I didn't write it! You are right, there is nothing like a kiss. Excellent blog...I'm not a single Dad (or Mom for that matter), but you have me hooked and thus, a new subscriber!


I love kissing too.

Great post.


Great post. Really. Great. Post.

UK Dating Websites

Thanks author for telling us the way to kiss your mate...but frankly saying nowadays,every boy and girl have their own style to smooch each other,so their is no need to teach them..


Here's a thought, about your comment, "I’m always surprised when I come across a woman who doesn’t know how to kiss well."

It might be worth taking into account a few things. A lot of women are having injections in their lips these days. What if you are the 1st person she kisses after having her lips done? Maybe she isn't used to her lips, and maybe therefore kisses not quite as well.

Or what about a women who has gone through a hellish divorce and who has not been emotionally ready for a few YEARS to get close to anyone. What if her first foray into trying to date, and kissing again, is with you? Maybe she simply is getting to used to kissing again. Maybe she has a lot of fear about getting back in the game. Maybe therefore she's not kissing like she really COULD. And maybe she needs more time before you judge that she doesn't kiss well.

Just some thoughts.

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