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August 27, 2010



Hmmm. This post actually made me glad I quit facebook months ago. What's real and salient, are the people in my "actual" life. That way, when I cross paths with people from the past, there seems to be a more tingly authentic encounter with them. I don't want those "wow" moments to be from people popping up because a computer program made it happen. I prefer fate, but to each their own....

Tim Taylor

The tricky part of all of it is you're right it is all so public and out there. Honestly, I wonder how it will look when my current 9 year old becomes a 14 year old.

Hopefully I'll be in a committed relationship by that point so it will make it, at least partially, a moot point.



It's a really good point, and something I think about all the time - with this blog, too!

That's why I'm talking about it at the Modern Media Man Summit next week in Atlanta. Can't wait.

Thanks for commenting!


Hey Eric,

Does it bother you that you write about women, real women with a real heart, a real soul, and real feelings, on your website to air out all the stuff that should remain private?

Does it make sense to you that maybe some of your words might hurt them?

It doesn't matter how you want to come off as a loving, sensing, and adoring man, who frequently praise women as "amazing," "incredible," and etc.

It doesn't matter that you can write, or can use phrases and words that sound so good on paper.

It does matter that what seems like honesty and word play to you may cause real harm and hurt to some of the people that you write about.

I'm not one of the women that you've ever dated. I'm just a woman who has truly loved a guy who's very much like you. If he wrote something like these about me, I'd have a host of reactions. If I was one of the women that you write about, I might feel something. But I have no way of talking back or telling my side of the story.

On your blog.

Maybe, maybe, just maybe, you should rethink about how writing this blog could shift the universe in ways unintended.

Maybe, maybe, maybe, you could write novels and stories.



Bravo Eric E.!

It is thrilling to read a man writing with such emotion and transparency! I can't believe I just found your site--I know, I'm a little slow. Just fyi--I'm talking about after-marriage sexual journeys on my site next month. You will surely be invited to the conversation!



I've been thinking a lot about your comment.

I'm very conscious of the fact that I write about real people in my life, and it has an impact on how/what I write. I learned some harsh lessons, with serious consequences, when I've shared something here before I've discussed it with the person featured in a post. So now I do my best to communicate one-to-one first, so that anything I write about someone (no names, of course) doesn't come as a surprise if she decides to read it here.

I also make every attempt to take the onus of foolishness on myself, and not show others in a bad light.

I do write novels and stories, and often think that some of the things that happen in my crazy, fun life would be better suited for fiction. But The Dating Dad has become a resource - not just a place for me to process my own growth (mostly), but where others who are struggling with the same things can see that someone else is dealing with the same issues.

I'm sure that's ultimately unsatisfying for you.

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment.




I saw your CNN "Dad Blogs" segment this morning and wanted to say thank you to you and all the other Dad Bloggers. It's great to see "the other side" of parenting open up and share.

My son is 26 and I'm hopeful when he finally becomes a Dad he'll have so many resources available to support that amazing and challenging role of Fatherhood.

In an age where people constantly spew all sorts of extremely personal information and have no personal boundaries I think you've been very respectful. Your posts on such intimate experiences and personal feelings are thoughtful and insightful.

Keep up the good work for all those new dads, soon to be dads and dads who've been in the trenches.



I change names of guys that are no longer in my life to DO NOT ANSWER on my Iphone.....(only those who proved themselves unworthy of any further dialogue). I don't even know WHICH guy it is that is calling, all I know is...DO. NOT. ANSWER. Every now and then one pops up. I hope the list does not expand!

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