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June 25, 2010


Prima Donna

I'm with you! Except.. um, I'm a chick so can I just order up 1 strong, crazy, independent, sensitive yet macho, confident yet down-to-earth, fast-talking, sharp-looking, individual of the male species?

Per Fervore:)


Hey, Dad. Three comments:

1. I confess to Googling "Apatow."
2. Nice article reference. Lately I've been killing time at the ball in Bourdieu and, although the bachelors are totally lame, I still get to wear a fabulous gown!
3. Your best pals sound awesome. My girlfriends are strong, opinionated, intelligent AND cute. How come we never run into each other at the same parties?


OMG! you described my ex perfectly: "hapless, clueless, in need of a competent woman to put his life in order." !!!

And on that note I love your line: "I’m a sucker for a strong, opinionated, intelligent woman." That was always me but in my marriage I "learned" that I had to "tone it down." I also learned this from other primary men in my life. I realize there ARE alpha males out there who are NOT threatened by strong women.... but they've been lacking in my life unfortunately.


I found that guy, and love him more each year, more than 13 so far (that says a lot considering the current divorce rate.) He is supportive and tolerant, and has his own ambition and successes. The trick, then, is how to instill these traits in our two sons... I can only hope they absorb what is the relationship between me and their father, if only through observation of our interactions. If you have any other ideas, I'd be open to them! But for now, as their mother I will continue to try to be their role model in my work, school, and interactions with other human beings. And I'll count on their dad to be the role model for their behavior toward women and their goals as men in world that is becoming increasingly complicated in social and career communication and responsibilities.
Thanks for the blog, Eric, you are inspiring.


I read this article flying from Denver back to San Jose, and I felt two conflicting reactions working themselves out in me. The first is pretty close to yours - damnit, we need to get our heads back on straight.

The second was...peace. It might have been the free drinks (I accidentally flew business class), but I couldn't help but think about how much I trust in the future that Rosin lays out in the article.

Between those two ideas, we'll all, guys and gals, have to pull our weight to make an equitably-shared future for our people.


i am with you...raised by a mother who went to medical school after divorce and raised 3 amazing children - police officer, social worker, and a PA...

Dad is an LPC...

with you all the way...now help me teach my son to pee standing up..lol!

Kira Riedel





Great post Eric and very well said.

I completely agree that "men need to suck it up and grow some balls." Especaily when it comes to following through on this idea:

"I want to find someone who can keep up with me (yes, definitely in the way you’re thinking right now, but also socially and intellectually), who challenges me, and who keeps me striving to be a better man."

I've met many men who SAY that and probably even believe that's what they want, but when they have it they can't handle it.

What's up with that??

Family Matters

Hear, hear.

Come to think of it, this post seems to be based on men as they are portrayed on television. Are you saying TV is reality?!

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