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October 03, 2008


Gretchen - LifeStyle Denver

I'm glad you're talking too. I'd never read your old column and didn't realize the break-up was more than just a proximity and single vs. married thing.

One thing I've learned in my profession is there's an ass for every saddle. Some people love big houses in the 'burbs and others love condos in the city. No one's wrong and aren't we all lucky that we don't live in Soviet-era concrete boxes?

Sometimes friends aren't able or available physically or emotionally to help us when we need it. Our paths diverge. But true friends finds their paths eventually cross again.

Hooray for both of you!


Impressive. Not only are you smart enough to acknowledge when crossing the line between private and public is not such a great idea, you're also humble enough to say the three little words "I am sorry."

- Props to you, Mr. E!

Ps. I remember the post when you "outed" the guy. Can't believe I've been addicted to DD for so long!

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