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January 26, 2014



This: " I’m going to make every effort to keep doing what I do best: enjoy what life has to offer, recognize the magic in every day, make plans for fun and adventure, be open-hearted, and always seek love. "

Cancer sucks. Multiple myeloma took my father back in 1996, and there's not a day that goes by without a thought of him. But that thought itself helps to keep him alive and with me. Some days it will hit you, but mostly, those good memories and thoughts of your father will keep you going as long as you hold him in your heart.

Much love to you and Simone.

georgina kolber

Hugs to you, EE


Your post brought tears to my eyes. You write beautifully. Thank for sharing in this vulnerable way-- your ability to do this creates more humanity, more compassion, in the world. And, I'm very sorry that you have to go through the process of losing your father in this way.

Diann Levandowski

This is something I needed right now. I just lost my husband December 31st 2013 to esophageal cancer. I know the feelings that Eric and his family are going through. The uncertainty of when you will have your last moment with your loved one and what your life will be like afterwards. The people asking how you are doing and the people wanting to help;there are times you are screaming inside to have them take the pain away. I know.....

Pat Jahla

I was afraid this was the case. So sorry it has come to this. I lost my last relative when I was 33, and I ache for you, Eric. You sure look like your Dad. Thank the Lord you have family around you. Tell Rollie we're praying for him.
Bob and Pat Jahla

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