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May 29, 2013



As a single dating person - never ever EVER let the said friends that try to set you up all the time create your online dating profile (it then just multiplies that bad dates setup mojo!!)

Max Goldberg

I'm a big believer in set-ups. I was introduced to Lisa by two friends on a blind date and 27 years later we are still happily married.


People can't resist trying to set me up. I have no interest. (My ex-wife is now living 4 hours away, insisting that our deceased daughter was murdered - I never figured out where she came up with that. She also kept telling me how poorly I treated our deceased daughter before she left me behind with our two surviving kids. I need a chance to heal, and am terrified that the next woman I meet will also be this crazy).

I keep telling friends that I have no interest. Some listen. One wouldn't back off until I had to cut him out of my life completely (his booze problem was also making him too obnoxious). Another ignored me and had someone set up for me at the dance floor at our high school reunion, after I had told him two months before that I had no interest in meeting another woman now. I told him that I would pass.

Make sure your friend has an interest in being anything but single first. Next, wait until they complain they can't meet anyone (I've ignored hints from women I know or have met that they want to go out with me; I can meet someone on my own if I want, and have a better idea about my own tastes than others do, as does everyone.)

Third, if you do get their permission and set them up, don't pester them about what happened. Don't even ask. This example is a little different, but a distant friend recommended someone to me that I eventually hired. He started calling three times a week to see how she was working out. When he told me something about her family life that I shouldn't have been told, I had to warn her not to say anything about either her personal life or about work life, because it would get back to me.

Resist your temptation to get in the middle of your setup; let it play out. If it works out well, you'll hear about it. If you can't resist knowing what's happening, you probably need something better to do.


You DO take a lot of photos of your food.

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