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December 23, 2012


S. Altepeter

I feel your pain. I've always known how lonely I felt but never been able to "hit the nail directly on the head" as you have. Unless your family is far from you, you cannot know the depth of emptiness that prevails. I am sorry that you are feeling this way and will hope that both of us find that special someone that restores our smile to our sad faces.


i think all of your strategies for curing the winter blues sound great! at least in denver you have sunshine! it has been straight cold, snow and yuck in ohio for weeks w/no sun in sight for a while. so much for getting that vitamin D! i have a list of things that help me through the winter doldrums, but i have to admit, it's not always the easiest. i could not even force myself to get to the gym today. it was 16' outside, and i would much rather be snug as a bug by the fire, then even getting in the car to drive to the gym! keep your head up! there are brighter days ahead!!! oh and happy new year!

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