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November 17, 2011



Or maybe - now that you are older, wiser, and more in tune with what you want out of life - the woman lucky enough to capture your heart (and your proposal) will be confident enough to see herself as your LAST wife, instead of your third. Corny, I know; but you're a good man, and the right woman isn't going to let the fact that you've been married twice affect her feelings for you.


My first thought was how brave and honest this post is. My second (as someone who avoids confrontation like the plague) was holy cow. My third was that the next time you decide to marry, she will be the woman who loves and trusts you so, that she won't need to consider if she wants to be your third wife. She will simply want to be your partner and for you to be her husband.

Christina Østerberg Andersen

You've been married - TWICE?!! You lying piece of sh*t, I cannot believe you kept this from me!!! J/K;))

Hey, it's not about the number of times you've taken the plunge but the fact that you did something and LEARNED from it! Besides, at least you've shown that you're able to commit, unlike some of us who are still struggling, on a daily basis, with whether to order the dolce cinnamon latte or caramel frappuccino at Starbucks (so many big decisions!).


Call me wind beacsue I am absolutely blown away.

Rachel Carlson

You said it ever so eloquently and if I can quote you: "So that leaves me only to do what I do best — enjoy my life in this very moment, with all of the fun and adventure and heartache, make the most of each day, each date, each romantic possibility, and devote myself to being the best father I can be."

There is no rush for marriage, happiness, love, etc....you are LIVING the greatest love right now. It's simple: live.in.the.now. YOU said it best: "enjoy my life in this very moment" - enough said.

If it helps, you have made me all the more wise as I am going through hardships of my own, life lessons, regrets, etc. Sure it sucks to be alone, lonely, etc yet I also consider it the best time to get it together so when the time comes again that I will be the best I can be.

Best wishes for a lovely holiday season in a world filled with peace. Cheers to an amazing 2012, bring it!


Hang in there. Finally happened for me after a few years of being alone post divorce and after a lot of patience and trusting....

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