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February 22, 2011


Stephanie Hight

I always enjoy your writing, and this was no exception.


Man plans, God laughs.


thank you both for sharing.


Great story. More like it...pleeeeease!:-)


What a great story - thanks for sharing, very sweet. Count me as a new fan - know any guys like you in the bay area (that is, able to articulate feelings & needs)? :)


The pain of divorce makes you wonder if you will ever feel any good things again. I am so glad for you. It is really neat to hear from the guys perspective. Its easy to think all men are non-feeling and non-sharing, and if anything is actually felt it can be turned off at a moments notice! I agree with livegreenwearblack. If you have a list of guys like you please post it!:)
Thanks for sharing! Michele

Dad the Single Guy

Its an interesting dynamic as I am finding out being recently widowed. I accidentally got involved with someone, and trying to figure out if its a hidden few hours here and there or something more has been tough...

Some of the issue in my case-and I have to admit, I did not read too deeply into the archive of your blog-is I don't really know what I want from a relationship at this point.


Thanks for sharing and keeping us guessing! I was so excited for you and then my heart just sank! Wishing you the very best!! The gift is knowing you will love again....I guess?!


that was refreshing. It truly was thank you for this story..gives me hope for sure :)

Michelle Fox

I LOVE your take on chemistry! I also love and appreciate your willingness to be open to possibilities in this human experience of relationships.

Your friend in adventures of the heart,

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