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September 22, 2010


Dan Pacheco

We're excited for you, too. Hope you sell a lot of copies. You have a great story.


Congrats, Eric! That's awesome!!


Congrats..couldn't be more excited for you!


Sweet! Congrats.

Michelle Fox


Tim Taylor

Congrats Eric!!!

I love your blog and if you are in SF at some point, I would love to get together to chat!

Victory Unlimited Show


Saw you guys on the CNN Interview a little while back. Ran across your website and remembered you. You guys (all of you), represented a lot of the views, opinions, and yes------frustrations that a lot of guys with responsibilities face while dating.

On a recent show I did I referenced how some single fathers (and widows too)can have two problems when they get back out here in the dating pool:

1. They can be too anxious or apprehensive about dating that they don't make ANY move, or...

2. They can actually find a woman worth their time, and also worthy of being in their childrens lives,----BUT, they can be gunshy about pulling the trigger on entering another exclusive relationship.

In regards to all this, I think it's best that dating dads proceed with caution, but DO make sure that they PROCEED. Life is short----and Dad's need love to.

Much RESPECT to you.


Looks like I'll be needing this very soon, congratulations!

MJ Courchesne

Congrats, Eric!


So your blog is being made into a book? That's awesome! I'm finally almost done writing my book, I think I'd told you about it, the solo pilgrimage I did in Italy. I am impressed that you are getting quite a few books written. It's a darn hard process!

I bet you'd have something to say about my latest post on how men might approach loving a woman!


Take care and congratulations!

Kelleher Los Angeles

great blog, keep up the good work!

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