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October 15, 2009



Best entry yet.


Eric, a great post that I connected with in so many ways. I really like your use of "resetting the clock back to 18 years". I was faced with that decision and had to let go of a woman I can only describe as the love of my life. As much as I wanted to feel only as old as I think, reality got in the way and I envisioned those 18 years as a constant struggle, not a gift. I had to let her go.

I hope things work out for you in the choices you face! And Happy Birthday!

Juan P. Steibel

Thanks for the post. Being a 36 y.o single dad of a 10 y.o. daughter who is giving up on the idea of having another baby ever, I can see myself reflected on it.

As a note of color, I'm copying a poem by Uruguayan poet Mario Bennedetti (and my translation)

Todavía tengo casi todos mis dientes
casi todos mis cabellos y poquísimas canas
puedo hacer y deshacer el amor
trepar una escalera de dos en dos
y correr cuarenta metros detrás del ómnibus
o sea que no debería sentirme viejo
pero el grave problema es que antes
no me fijaba en estos detalles

I still have almost all my teeth
almost all my hair and very little gray
I can do and undo love
climb stair steps on a two-by-two
and run forty yards behind the bus
so I should not feel old
But the serious problem is
I did not use to think about this


Dafna Michaelson

Very well written Eric. I so feel your baby conflict. As a chic, I guess I have to pay attention to the clock thing that guys can technically get around. Totally thrilled with my two kids...but nothing beats the feel of a baby sleeping on your chest. My b-day is in two weeks...
Good luck on your quest!

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