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July 13, 2009



So based on this...

"I’m not worried about sending the wrong impression, because we had our talk, so now I can be loving, without the mixed messages."

Have you ever done this, then slept with the girl after the fact - because you "had your talk" and she should know it doesn't really mean anything?

I'm seriously asking here...

Daisy Cottontail

Ah yes, the metaphorical "Blue Whale." I personally don't like the e-mail approach but after reading your perspective it resonates.

She's out there.


I wholeheartedly agree with providing honest feedback toward the end of a "relationship." But interestingly, I find I rarely get it. And, on the few instances where I've been pushed to give it (and I will), I've learned that the guy didn't *really* want to know. Then why did you ask?
Anyway, not sure why you think you'd be in trouble. This process is a never-ending learning cycle.
Your post is thoughtful and insightful, as always.


Sam, I have, and it's rarely ended well. I've sworn off doing that anymore. Mostly (and in the rare occasion where I've gone there in the recent past, I've tried to reiterate "the talk" before things got too heated).

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