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February 06, 2009


Jackie Walker

Thank you Eric for your lovely words. De-cluttering works a treat doesn't it - and not just for the garage or wardrobe!

Keep shining! Jackie


I meant to comment after your last column, but distractions doing what they do took me away from my thoughts for you then. I can't recall them now, of course, but I did want to let you know that I'm proud of you for taking such difficult steps to find what will truly make you happy. You are an extraordinary person who deserves nothing less than amazing.


Aw, Eric. Like my guru says, "You gotta know who's at home before you go visiting." There's a lot of growth that can happen during weekend nights on the couch.


IMHO: This is by far the best column in a while! Keep updating us on your dating life (even when it's non-existing) your musings always makes it worthwhile!

Anne Wiel

Although it's somewhat interesting to know what you're doing via your daily twitter updates, I'd be much more interested in what you're feeling, thinking or observing at those times. You're a writer. That shouldn't be hard for you. I, for one, would love to hear less of your daily itinerary, which let's face it, doesn't change much from day to day (whose does?)and more of your unique perspective. You're brilliant. Share that.


Wow, thanks! You're right, and I have been thinking about the fact that my Facebook and Twitter updates have been a bit workmanlike. I'll endeavor to add some more heart to my tweets.

Elaine at Lipstickdaily

Great column and wonderful blog . . . I love the dentist analogy.


Ok, Mr. Elkins I think we're about ready for a March Column? (It's bad enough that you only blog once a month)...



I feel like I'm in the same place, and while it's not "easy," it's turning into one of the best things I think I've done for myself in a while. "Clearing the bench" really gives me a feeling of starting over, and starting fresh. Like I can't make the same mistakes because I'm playing with a whole new roster (ooh - look at me! A sports analogy). It's hard to let go of my "comfort food" but at the same time, I'm really in the mind set of moving forward with relationships that matter - not the "in between" men.

Your blog is great, and thank you for sharing.
PS - I really like Thai food ... :-)

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