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March 29, 2008



Eric, I was reading along feeling quite proud of you until, "But I'm also chafing." Hope you work it out for the best.


I am going to put in my two cents, even though you didn't ask and may not even read. Basically it is simple. You need to follow your heart. You have been burned and hurt and you are afraid of it happening again. It sounds like she has been too but she was willing to throw it all to the wind. It is clear when you talk about Simone's sister that you are aching to be a dad again. Is Peach on board with having kids in the future (not necessarily with you, but does she want them?). If your heart tells you she is the one then you need to forget the rest and go after her, before you lose her for good. If you have REAL doubts, not just fear then you need to wish her well and not keep going back and forth. Personally, from an outsider looking in I think maybe everything you want is finally, possibly within your grasp (unless kids are not in her future), and you are letting your fear rule your heart. Maybe you should just sweep her up, go to Vegas and elope without thinking about it, and figure out the rest TOGETHER.

When a person walks they have too much time to think. Sometimes you have to just run, not walk to happiness. One last thing, you also have to think about Simone. If Peach genuinely cares about Simone and Simone likes her...that is special. There are a lot of problems that can occur when the two most important parts of your life don't mesh. {{{HUGS}}}

Remember, if you wait for perfection, all you are left with is nothing.


Perhaps you shouldn't refer to your girlfriend as an inanimate object, especially in public.


Ach, my dear sweet jewish boy... sometimes you think too much! You are elegant and good at it and writing about it. But sometimes (many times) this is a replacement for just being. (Takes one to know one!) I don't think the Peach will hurt you. Will you hurt you? Decide not to. Sounds like the Peach is it. It's her. Go grab her!

Nick F

I am a very cautious person, I think you should follow your heart. You deserve to be happy.

T.S. Franklin

Just stumbled across your site and love it! I'd be curious to see a post on how your daughter managed the ended relationship w/ Peach as I went through a similar circumstance.


Thanks, T.S.! I'll write about that next month, now that I'm wrapping up the Peach story in December.

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