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August 10, 2007



Ahh, the exquisite pain of personal growth! Damnit, why can't life BE a walk in the park?! LOL!


I've been completely convinced that I had lost my mind more than once with some of the professional decisions I've made. I've learned that every decision was a step that led me to the right place. Your friends and loved ones have your back.


Funny, how hardship more often than not feeds creativity and ingenuity. I personally think that the above might be the the best column you've written to date...

Cheering for you,



"Out of the mouths of babes"... Isn't it wonderful to have such wonderful and insightful little people in our lives? Experiences we might find ourselves analyzing to the extreme, they see with simple logic and truth the importance of Now, as opposed to looking in the Past too long. And you, in your optimistic wisdom, have the ability to give the Present a positive light on the infinite possibilities for the Future. Bravo to you, and Bravo to Simone. Everyone is rooting for you! In your honor and in the spirit of commaraderie, I'd be honored to send you a round or two of those dirty Ketel 1 martinis when I'm next in town. Cheers!

curly girl

You are definitely on to bigger and better things Eric! (Like helping us figure out the best technology to promote our forthcoming book) :-)

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