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  • Eric Elkins brings more than a decade of writing, marketing, ePR, social media, and educational expertise to his clients.

    A former teacher and corporate trainer, Elkins spent six years as youth content editor at the Denver Newspaper Agency. He then became co-founder and publisher of Bias Media, a multiplatform media engine owned by the parents of the Rocky Mountain News and Denver Post. His model for reaching the elusive 21-34 market combined a print magazine, a website, events, text messaging and email marketing to build an integrated online/real world community. His experience at BIAS led to his role as New Media Practices Manager at Metzger Associates, a PR and venture strategies firm, where he incubated development of Mocapay, a mobile commerce company. Elkins transitioned from Metzger to become VP of Marketing at Mocapay before leaving to found, a social media strategies agency, in 2007.

    A freelance writer for newspapers, magazines and the web, his first book, “School Tools: Structures for Learning” is used by teachers in classrooms nationwide.

    His debut novel is Ray, reflected.

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